Narrows Brewing Orca Mike

Orca Mike Red Ale

Orca Mike Red Ale is a nod to our headbrewer Mike and orca J-26, Mike from the J pod of Orcas that make this area of Puget Sound their home.

Brewed for those of us that appreciate a flavorful yet lower alcohol beer, this is the Narrows version of an Irish Red Ale. Deep crimson in color with a smooth medium bodied maltiness from the seven varieties of barley.  Bravo and Centennial hops were used to provide the balance. Interesting enough for a second (or third) pint, without blowing out your taste buds.

See what you think of our newest year round brew.

Color: Deep Crimson

ABV: 5.8%

IBU: 45

Malt Profile: 7 varieties of barley

Hop Varieties: Bravo, Centennial

This beer is: Year_round

Is this beer on tap: No

This beer pairs with: binoculars

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